How cdpACCESS® works


cdpACCESS® allows you to create code change proposals and public comments and store them in the cloud for easy access and submission. You can also invite colleagues to view, comment and collaborate on your proposals/comments.

Once you log in, click on “Proposals,” then “Create New Proposal” to begin.


It is easy to review hearing testimony and vote on code change proposals and public comments in cdpACCESS®. After the Committee Action Hearings, ICC members will be able to view the hearing for those code changes which received an assembly motion and vote on the motions. After the Public Comment Hearings, ICC Governmental Member Voting Representatives and Honorary Members will be able to view the hearings and vote on the Online Governmental Consensus Vote.


Support for cdpACCESS® is just a click or phone call away.

View help files and tutorial videos about cdpACCESS® by clicking “Help” at the top of the screen, or contact ICC staff:


Phone: 855-ICC-CDP1(422-2371)

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